What is Common Course Numbering?

Common Course Numbering Initiative

As part of a broad Transfer Initiative to facilitate student migration within the Montana University System, officials in the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education have been overseeing development of a common course numbering (CCN) system - MUS Policy 301.5.5. Teams of faculty from across the state system have been evaluating courses to identify equivalencies and converting them (assigning new subject prefixes/codes, course numbers and course titles, etc) to the CCN scheme.

Course offerings from most of Montana Western's subject areas have been evaluated, approved and converted to the CCN scheme; review the current catalog course description section for more information.

A Course Equivalency Guide, available at the Montana University System web page provides a quick reference tool. Use the link from the UMW DAWGS login page - click the "New Common Course Translation Guide" heading (right side of the screen) – to quickly access course equivalency information (internal to Western, as well as within the Montana University System) at: http://dawgs.umwestern.edu/login/

Eventually all courses offered at all units of the MUS will be converted to CCN. Much work has been completed but the first round of the project/initiative is still in progress. The Montana University System web site provides a glimpse of the CCN processes, work that's been completed, and actions that are planned or in progress. Use the MUS internet link below to access this information.

Students should always exercise caution when registering for classes. However, during this transition period it is especially important that students pay particular attention to course equivalency information to avoid unnecessary repetition of course content or by overlooking or missing required program courses. Students should consult the UMW catalog frequently and work closely with Advising Office personnel to minimize problems.