Student Enrollment and Attendance Policy

Student Enrollment and Attendance Policy - 203.1

Students at the University of Montana Western enroll on a semester basis and are expected to register (including paying tuition and fees) prior to the start of the term for all classes they plan to complete during that term and, once registered, to actively participate in learning activities associated with courses in which they are enrolled. Based on this policy, the following procedures will enable university officials to determine the enrollment status of students.  

Student Enrollment Status—based on weeks of actual attendance AND student credit load.
a.     Full-time – registering for twelve (12) or more credits of academic classes AND attending classes through the entire semester.
b.     Part-term – registering for twelve (12) or more credits in the semester but attending classes less than the full semester.
c.     Part-time – registering for less than twelve (12) credits in the semester.

Who May Register
The following individuals are eligible to register for classes at Montana Western
·    Current students in “good” academic, financial and behavioral standing
·    Students new to Montana Western who have satisfactorily completed the UMW admissions procedure
·    Former/previous students who have been officially readmitted

 Registration procedures vary slightly depending upon:
·    the term of enrollment
·    status as a current or new student
·    whether registration is for day, evening, weekend, on-campus, off-campus, or internet classes
·    the number of classes/credits attempted
·    whether the prospective enrollee is pursuing completion of a degree or formal program of study at Montana Western

Helpful links
Admission to the University
New Transfer Student Guidelines

Students are responsible for making informed enrollment decisions and for knowledge of and compliance with University policies and procedures governing admission, registration, enrollment, obligation for payment, student conduct, and graduation. Students should consult the University Catalog, current class schedule, Student Handbook, DAWGS (, or the University website ( for specific information about their academic status or answers to general questions. 

Registration Procedures
Helpful link to guide you through the registration processes

Tuition and Fees
Montana University System Tuition & Fee Schedules 

Fee Payment
Montana Western operates on a semester system. Students are expected to pay all enrollment costs for a term on or before the first day of the term.  For more information see Business Services Office

Advising Information
Class Schedules
Common Course Numbering Translation Guides 
Full-Time Student Enrollment/Attendance Notice

Textbook Information 
To find and purchase textbooks or study materials for courses for which you are registering go to:   Purchase Your Textbooks Online If you have questions regarding textbooks, contact the Bookstore. 683-7281

Other Enrollment Related Information
MUS Residency Policy
Athletic Eligibility (NAIA and NIRA Requirements, UMW Policy) 
Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing From Classes
Request for Academic Policy Waiver or Enrollment Status Change
Course/Credit Overload Petition & Double-Block Form
Check Your Class Schedule and Financial Account

Credit for Non-Traditional Learning Experiences
Credit for Advanced Placement (AP)  (UMW Policy)
Credit for CLEP (College Level Exam Program Tests (UMW Policy