Making Changes to Classes


Students are responsible for making informed enrollment decisions and for timely completion of enrollment changes they wish to make!Note calendar and procedural differences between X-1 block classes and 16-week (stringer) classes!

Walking away from a class or from the university does not constitute an official DROP or WITHDRAWAL! Conversely, simply showing up for or attending a class does not constitute an official ADD or REGISTRATION! Students must take official action to registrar a class, add, drop, or withdraw from Montana Western classes.  Class schedule changes must be complete in a timely fashion and according to procedures outlined below.  Adds and drops are initiated and processed at Western's Registrar's Office.  Students changing to/from Audit status should contact the Registrar's Office at (406) 683-7371. 

Student class schedule changes are grouped into three different categories depending upon when the change takes place.  Student class schedule changes can occur:

(1) BEFORE the semester begins; (2) AFTER the term begins but before the published deadline for such action; or, (3) AFTER THE DEADLINE; review the appropriate academic year term calendar for applicable dates & deadlines.

ADD-DROP-CANCEL - BEFORE the Semester Begins - Access DAWGS ( and make the desired changes, OR, complete and submit a Student Class Schedule Change Form (available at the Registrar's Office or on-line) OR, submit written notification (send a signed/dated letter, include student ID or and all other pertinent information) to the Registrar's Office (Montana Western, 710 South Atlantic, Dillon, MT 59725). Students attempting to ADD a closed or restricted class must complete a Student Class Schedule Form and secure written approval of the course instructor before submitting the complete change form.   FYI- students are able to drop all classes (cancel/withdraw) via DAWGS; individuals who cancel their enrollments must petition for re-admission and re-registration.....deadlines apply.

ADD-DROP-WITHDRAW - AFTER the semester/term begins but BEFORE the applicable Deadline (see academic calendar) - Once the semester begins, all students class schedule changes including withdrawal from college are initiated and processes at the Registrar Office.

1. Complete an ADD-DROP-WITHDRAWAL FORM/CARD(available at the Registrar's Office; incomplete forms will be rejected).  
2. Secure the necessary signatures/approvals (instructions are printed on or attached to the Add/Drop Form).  
3. Return the complete card to the Registrar's Office BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR  SUCH ACTION (see semester calendar for applicable deadlines), save ALL enrollment related paperwork for future reference!
4. Pay all costs/expenses related to the action taken immediately (Business Services Office).

The “No Record of Enrollment” policy will be extended in cases where:  (1.) there is an even exchange of courses & credits (affected student’s credit load does not change), (2.) the add and drop are recorded on the SAME form and they are for the SAME block, (3.) both schedule changes (add and drop) are approved by all necessary officials - course instructors, student’s advisor, division dean, etc. (4.) the schedule change is completed within the deadline to add for the applicable block, and, (5.) the exchange is appropriate to the student’s program of study.  A “W” (withdrawal) will be recorded on the student’s transcript if the exchange does not satisfy all conditions listed. 

LATE  ADD - DROP - WITHDRAW - AFTER the Deadline for such Action (review term calendar for applicable deadlines) -- Students must petition to add/drop/withdraw after the appropriate deadline for such action (these changes do not occur automatically upon request).  The UMW Admissions & Academic Standards Committee reviews and decides on all requests for post-deadline student schedule changes.  Procedure:
1. Complete a POLICY WAIVER REQUEST FORM and a ADD-DROP-WITHDRAWAL FORM/CARD (available at the Registrar's Office; incomplete forms will be rejected); explain in detail exactly what you are requesting on the Policy Waiver Request form. 
2. Secure the necessary signature and approval (instructions are attached to the Add/Drop Form, if not contact the Registrar's Office).
3. Attach documentation that supports/verifies the extenuating circumstances that might have prevented timely action (example: illness or family emergency, registration errors); ignorance of policies or deadlines does not fall under the heading of "extenuating circumstances."
4. Return completed forms and documentation to the Registrar's Office WITHIN ONE YEAR of the end of the term in which the affected course enrollment occurred (make & save copies of ALL enrollment related paperwork for future reference). 
5.  Pay all costs/expenses (including late fees) immediately IF requested action is approved. 


Refunds are handled through the Business Services Office.  The amount of refund an individual receives is based upon when an official drop/withdrawal is processed and the class load remaining after all student class schedule changes are processed.  Students are advised to review the academic calendar carefully, take timely action, follow through to completion of action to change their class schedule, and contact Business Services (406 683-7101) with questions about refunds and/or charges.

To see refund policy  (Page 49)

Change of Advisor

Change of advisor forms can be picked up at the Advising Office (MH 214).  Please allow 1-2 weeks after the completed form is submitted to the Advising Office for the changes to take effect. 

Change of Program of Study or Degree

Students who wish to change a program of study or degree must contact the Advising Office (MH 214)

Change of Grade

A change of grade may be made only in cases of instructor error or in instances where fraud is determined. Grade changes procedures are not to be used by faculty as a way to allow certain students additional time to complete course assignments or to complete additional work once the semester has ended. 

A change of grade is not meant to substitute for an Incomplete when that action cannot be justified. No grade may be changed after one full year from the date recorded unless approved by the instructor and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Students retain the right to appeal grades according to campus policy outlined in the Montana Western Student Handbook. 

Requests for grade changes (grade appeals) should be filed in writing to the instructor of record within one year of receipt/issuance of the original grade. Request for grade changes (grade appeals) received after the one-year period has expired will NOT be considered. Consult the most recent university Student Handbook for more information regarding grade changes (grade appeals). 
Change of Student Information

Pick up a Student Information Change Form (available at the Registrar's Office or see Printable Forms). Read the instructions, then complete the appropriate section of the form, secure all necessary signatures and return the completed form to the Registrar's Office. Allow 2-4 weeks for the change to take effect.

Changing To/From Audit Status

Pick up an Add/Drop (schedule change) card (available at the Registrar's Office or see Printable Forms).  Read the instructions, then complete the appropriate sections of the card, secure all necessary signatures and return the completed form to the Registrar's Office. Deadlines and late fees apply.