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FALL 2018 - Professional Development & Personal Enrichment
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Eligible students begin registering via DAWGS or at the Registrar’s Office according to the following schedule. 
Monday, April 9– current seniors, postbacc’s & students with disabilities.
Tuesday, April 10– current Juniors
Wednesday, April 11- current Sophomores
Thursday,April 12- current Freshman
Monday, April 23 Readmitt Students
Monday, May 1  New Students – (new freshman and transfers) they have been notified that their admissions files are complete and they have been properly advised.
All DAWGS (on-line)  Spring web registration window closes at 10:00 PM, Sunday, August 26  Eligible students can register for or add/drop classes via DAWGS anytime after their Web registration window opens – see times and dates of DAWG availability above.  


Course PREREQUISITES are requirements (i.e., other course or conditions) that must be satisfactorily completed before enrolling in a specified course.   

Course CO-REQUISITES are courses that must be taken concurrently.  Prior to registering for or adding a course, students should review catalog course descriptions to determine if the course described has any co-requisite courses.  Courses listed as co-requisites must be taken in the same block/term. 

Students must have completed ALL pre-requisites outlined in current UMW catalog course description in order to register electronically (via DAWGS) for restricted courses. Students who think they have completed the necessary pre-requisites for a restricted class by means others than those listed in the current catalog should contact appropriate department faculty for written permission (pre-req overrides) to register or add. Written pre-requisite override permission (use Students Class Schedule Change Forms) should be presented at the Registrar's Office beforethe deadline to add or register for the term/block in question. Review current university catalog course description before attempting to register on line. Contact your advisor or the Advising Office for more information.