Faculty Web Advisor Information

The University of Montana Western Faculty Web Advisor Information BANNER Web-for-Faculty (DAWGS) allows instructional/advising personnel to access the academic records of assigned advisees and of students enrolled in courses they teach.

Please remember, student academic information available via DAWGS is strictly confidential and should only be used for legitimate educational purposes. Unauthorized use or distribution of this information is prohibited according to federal and state laws and university system policies.

To view on-line transcript information of assigned advisees and students enrolled in your classes, follow the steps below (Internet Explorer appears to be the better browser to use when accessing DAWGS).

--Access DAWGS (dawgs.umwestern.edu)
--Login to the system (password=employee ID or SSN, PIN=last six digits of ID; you should change your PIN periodically for security purposes
--Click on “Faculty & Advisors”
--Click on “Advisor Menu”
--Click on “ID Selection”
--Select the appropriate term from the pull-down menu
--Enter the name of a student/advisee or the student ID of the student/advisee whose record you want to review and click either the ‘student’, ‘advisee’ or ‘both’ Search Type, and click ‘submit’
--Click on "Student Academic Transcript" in addition to the steps above, or click "menu" or "back" to restart the process. To view the academic record of another student click "Back" or "menu" and click ID Selection again. Remember, course information is term sensitive so if you are looking for academic info for a student in a class, you must select the appropriate term, then ID Selection.

Be sure to logoff DAWGS and close the browser when you finish viewing on-line student records (this is highly confidential information).

Contact the Registrar’s Office (406) 683-7371 if you have questions.